WordPress has a spell check…

What do you know… WordPress.com has a spell check, and I couldn’t be bothered to use it on my last post.  Oh well.  I was trying to do stream of consciousness… yeah that’s it!  I didn’t want prescriptivism to interfere with me getting my critical message out to the masses.

Two posts in one day… I guess at the rate these have been going that means I won’t post again until March 2007.  You’ve been warned.  Eh, this is more of a toy for me than for the rest of the world anyway.

Recently completed Dry Suit and Nitrox…


It took awhile but I finished Drysuit and Nitrox dives at the end of June. Was out at the Millbrook quarry. The visibility was awful. Not the worst vis I’ve ever seen, but not good either. Anway, two dives in the drysuit on nitrox and I’ve now passed my class. The classroom was back in jan/feb time frame. But they were treating the quary for zebra mussels so we couldn’t get out sooner. Then life got in the way. Anyway, I’m done with it, and I now have the 50 dives plus 5 specialties need for Master Diver. Master Diver was just an excuse to take more classes, it doesn’t really mean much to me. The more classes were just excuses to go diving. And now I can go diving more places since I can properly use a Drysuit and dive nitrox.

I was pretty surprised about how difficult the drysuit turned out to be. It was too hard, but wasn’t a simple swim in the water either. I had a runaway ascent when I got to 10′ due to weighting issues. I also had trouble because I was unevenly weighted so I was listing to one side. The 2nd dive was better because I redistributed the wieghts. Anyway, it’s done, so next time I go to Vancouver, I’m going to get wet…errr…dry…



One more before the new year…


What do you know… I’m back before the new year.  Guess I’m not ment to be a blogger.  On the other hand, I have this space… just need to decide what to do with it.  Gee, there doesn’t seem to be enough technology or political blogs out there.  Maybe I should do that.


Awww, who am I kidding that’s another thing I’ll never do.   

 Dry Suit and Nitrox class in January!  YAY SCUBA!



Rich Whiffen