Those greedy, greedy telcos…

I can’t believe the outright lies being spewed by the telcos in their commercials. “Some companies what to have a free ride…” My ass pal! Google, the primary focus of Ivan Seidenberg, Duane Ackerman and Brian L. Roberts GREED isn’t getting a free ride by any stretch. Neither am I! Google and I both pay a monthy fee for our bandwidth! WE PAY YOU ALREADY!

You don’t ask telemarketers to pay for ‘prefered’ phone servers or share their proffits! Where’s my return on my 200 Billion we congress lined your pockets with?

Greedy bastards.


Guess I’ll have to write my representatives and tell them to vote in favor of for all the good it will do… My one vote or the telco’s deep pockets, hmmm wonder who they’ll pick.